Dr Profile

Dr Grace Walpole


Grace received her medical degree from The University of Melbourne in 2006, having also completed a Bachelor of Arts, a Bachelor of Science and a Graduate Diploma in Dance. After her internship at Royal Melbourne Hospital she worked in the Northern Territory, returning to Melbourne to focus on her interests in women's health, palliative medicine and dance. Grace started at Richmond Medical in 2012, left General Practice to become a specialist in Palliative Medicine, and has now returned to Hawthorn Medical. She combines this with work in palliative medicine at Monash Health.

In General Practice, Grace has interests in cancer medicine, advanced chronic disease, complex symptom management, geriatrics, advanced care planning, women's health, breastfeeding, contraception and sexual health.

When not working, Grace frequents playgrounds with her young son, and enjoys the arts, gardening, cycling and swimming. Her passion for adventurous travel has been put on hold for a while.

Grace is available for consultations on Tuesdays.