Covid-19 Vaccinations

  • Our clinics are proudly participating in the 1b rollout of Covid vaccinations
  • Covid-19 vaccinations will be available at Hawthorn Medical (from 9/3/21) and South Yarra Medical (from 12/3/21)
  • Richmond Medical patients are welcome to attend the other sites, and the Richmond clinic will likely begin vaccinating later in 2021
  • All vaccinations in GP clinics are ‘AstraZeneca’, and are free
  • For more information on the AstraZenica vaccine – ‘Information on COVID-19 AstraZeneca vaccine’
  • Further reading about AstraZenica vaccine and the risk of clots – ‘Patient information sheet on AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine and thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome (TTS)’
  • As appointment availability is limited we implore you to remember to attend your appointments, and also ask you to resist ‘last minute’ appointment changes to prevent vaccine wastage
  • An online eligibility check for the 1b rollout of vaccinations is available by clicking here

Booking you Covid-19 vaccination appointment

  • All appointments must be made online via our website or the ‘Hotdoc’ app – click here for instructions
  • New patients are also welcome to book, though this must also be done online where you will be registered as new patients
  • When booking online you will be taken through screening eligibility questions
  • You will also be asked to book your second covid vaccination appointment approximately 12 weeks after your first dose
  • Please take the time to read this information – ‘Preparing for Covid-19 vaccination’
  • We recommend patients wear short sleeve tops to enable easy access to the shoulder area for vaccination
  • Patients are to also wear masks

Covid-19 vaccination Digital Consent Form

  • As you finalise your online booking you will automatically be asked to complete a digital consent form – this needs to be completed
  • This digital consent form will cover both dose 1 and dose 2 vaccinations
  • A paper copy of the consent form is viewable here for reference, but we can only accept submissions of the digital version
  • The consent form includes questions about conditions such as bleeding disorders and anticoagulant medication (Please understand that if you answer ‘yes’ to these questions you can still have the vaccination, but we will need to discuss your situation further at the time of vaccination to enable informed consent)
  • Women who are pregnant, breastfeeding or planning pregnancy should review this information to enable informed consent – COVID-19 vaccination decision guide for women who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or planning pregnancy

After your Covid-19 vaccination

Accessing your Covid-19 vaccination record

  • Due to time constraints, at your appointment we are unable to provide any paperwork about your specific vaccine
  • All vaccination details will be uploaded to the ‘Australian Immunisation Register’
  • Vaccination records will be available online through MyGov, My Health Record, the Express Plus Medicare app
  • Information also available over the phone – for more information please click here

Influenza Vaccinations

  • We recommend everyone still has the Influenza vaccine
  • The Covid-19 vaccination cannot be given within 2 weeks of a patient having the Influenza vaccine, so please ensure vaccination bookings are space appropriately
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