Booking Appointments

Booking Appointments

Click here to book online

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The best way to book an appointment is online

  • Book online either via our website here or through the ‘Hotdoc’ app on your mobile device
  • Full access 24/7 to all available appointments and all available general practitioners
  • Requires initial registration with ‘Hotdoc’
  • Alternatively bookings can be made via reception by calling 03 9818 3377

Arriving for an appointment that was booked online

  • There’s no need to wait at the reception desk to notify us of your arrival
  • Instead you can register your arrival through the ‘Hotdoc’ app as soon as you’re within 100 metres of the clinic
  • You will receive clear confirmation that your arrival registration was successful
  • Also the app will tell you where you are placed in the queue to see your GP

New Patients register their details online

  • Via the ‘Hotdoc’ app or here at the ‘appointments’ page on our website
  • Your information securely uploads directly to the clinic’s medical software
  • So there’s no need to fill out any paperwork upon arrival (and we won’t misspell anything!)

Consultations at Hawthorn Medical are by appointment only

  • A typical appointment is allocated 15 minutes
  • Double appointments are available if you feel more time will be required, and are generally advised for situations such as Cervical screening, multi-country travel vaccinations, and Mental Health Careplans
  • Our doctors always endeavour to run to time and appreciate that your time is valuable – so accordingly we avoid overbooking our GPs and schedule regular ‘catch-up’ time within sessions
  • Please understand that if there is a delay, it’s usually due to an unexpected complexity in preceding consultations
  • Richmond Medical, Hawthorn Medical and South Yarra Medical are all affiliated and your patient record is available to the medical team at all clinics
  • If an appointment is unavailable at Hawthorn Medical, our reception staff are very happy to check for availability at South Yarra Medical or Richmond Medical

Telehealth Consultations

  • Telehealth consultations are booked online via Hotdoc and selecting ‘Standard Telephone Appointment’.
  • A Telehealth consultation attracts a private fee at the same rate as an equivalent duration ‘in-person’ consultation.
  • Higher fees apply after 5pm on weekdays, Saturday, and Public Holidays.
  • To confirm a Telehealth consultion, patients must add payment details via Hotdoc. Your card will not be charged until after the appointment. Failure to supply payment details within 90 minutes will result in the appointment being cancelled.
  • To be eligible for a Medicare rebate you must have had a face-to-face consult with a GP in the practice within the last 12 months.
  • A cancellation fee will be applied if you are non-contactable around the time of your Telehealth appointment.
  • At the approximate time of your scheduled appointment, you will be called by your GP.
  • In most cases, scripts and referrals generated from phone consultation can be sent to patients electronically.
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